Take your chance to marvel at the wonders of the world with our specially curated halal-friendly special tour packages. Tailored to cater to the needs of Muslim travellers, these packages offer Muslims the opportunity to engage in unique cultural delights and memorable culinary experiences while adhering to the principles of the Islamic faith. Immerse yourself in the wonders of destinations worldwide, guided by our commitment to ensuring a safe and respectful journey.

Special Tour Package Highlights

Here are some of the highlights among the many special tour packages we offer:

Northern Lights Tour from Singapore

Have you ever seen the starry night sky light up in mesmerizing color? Now you can witness the awe-inspiring beauty of the aurora borealis by embarking on our exclusive Northern Lights tour from Singapore. Traverse through the enchanting landscapes of destinations like Iceland and Scandinavia, where the mystical dance of lights creates an unforgettable spectacle that will leave you absolutely stunned at the beauty of God’s creation.

Turkey Tour from Singapore

Embark on a journey through the rich history and cultural tapestry of Turkey, renowned for being a cultural melting pot that blends together the traditions of several different civilisations. Our Turkey tour packages offer an immersive experience, exploring ancient landmarks, vibrant bazaars, and delectable halal cuisine that reflects the country’s diverse heritage.

Football Tours and EPL Packages from Singapore

If you’re one of the football fans who would have chills at the idea of being in the stadium when the referee blows the whistle for your favourite team to kick off a match, you’re in luck! Hamidah Travel & Tours offers EPL packages and football tour packages from Singapore, ensuring an exhilarating experience for fans. Immerse yourself in the energy of live matches while exploring iconic football destinations. You might even bump into your team’s star players!

Uzbekistan Tour from Singapore

Uncover the hidden gems of Central Asia with our Uzbekistan tour packages. From the architectural wonders of Samarkand to the bustling markets of Tashkent, our tours showcase the beauty and cultural richness of this enchanting region.

Choose Hamidah Travel & Tours for an unparalleled journey where each destination is a chapter in your travel story. Whether it's chasing the Northern Lights, exploring Turkey's historical wonders, or indulging in football fervor, our halal tour packages promise an experience that transcends exploration, creating memories that last a lifetime.